What is Traverse?

Traverse is a weekly newsletter that delivers the freshest perspectives from London to Tokyo at the intersections of lifestyle, business, culture and more. If you want to discover what Japan means for the world and what Japan could mean for you, then this is for you.

Who are Team Traverse?

Traverse is written by a talented team of Japan enthusiasts, backed up by the Tokyo/London localisation agency TAMLO . Some of the writers are Japanese, some live or used to live in Japan, and others have never been but really want to. All are passionate about Traversing culture.

The Schedule and Theme

Every month we write about a new theme, every Friday we publish a new piece. Our writing is short and bite sized, perfect for a lunch break.

And it is totally free and a labour of love. If you like it, the best way to show your support is to share this with someone who’ll like it too (and ask them to subscribe).

If you love Japan and would like to write for us then please reach out to our sponsor, TAMLO’s contact. If you’d like to give it a shout out on social media, you can find us @Traverse_mag. It’ll make us very happy.

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Fan of all kinds of Japanese culture with a particular focus on traditional aspects and folklore.
Japanese Canadian marketing & sales professional who just moved back to Tokyo after living abroad since the age of 3. I help Japanese and international companies with bilingual content marketing at TAMLO.
Writer at Traverse.